Vote for the Future - Vote For Cheryl
Cheryl Smith for NABJ President 2003-2005


My record speaks for itself.  Now let me speak for you!

How You Can Help 


  • Make sure your NABJ dues are current

  • Tell your many friends why you are voting for me and encourage them to make the same wise decision. (Share this page)

  • Email me a 1 or 2 sentence endorsement to use in my campaign literature. Or, you can just email me back and say that I can use your name. 

  • Your support is necessary. Your decision is important. Your vote is crucial.

  • Please check out The site is under construction, but we will continue to provide you with information.


A vote for Cheryl Smith is a vote for the future of NABJ.

NABJ's Mission

Contact Cheryl

Please feel free to email or call me. 
214-428-8958 or 214-376-9525