Vote for the Future - Vote For Cheryl
Cheryl Smith for NABJ President 2003-2005


My record speaks for itself.  Now let me speak for you!

NABJ's Goals


NABJ is committed to:

  • Strengthening ties among black journalists.

  • Sensitizing all media to the importance of fairness in the workplace for black journalists.

  • Expanding job opportunities and recruiting activities for veteran, young and aspiring black journalists, while providing continued professional development and training.

  • Increasing the number of black journalists in management positions and encouraging black journalists to become entrepreneurs.

  • Fostering an exemplary group of professionals that honors excellence and outstanding achievements by African American journalists, and outstanding achievement in the media industry as a whole, particularly when it comes to providing balanced coverage of the black community and society at large.

  • Working with high schools and colleges to identify and encourage black students to become journalists, and to diversify faculties and related curriculum.

  • Providing informational and training services to the general public. 

A vote for Cheryl Smith is a vote for the future of NABJ.

NABJ's Mission

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