This will, essentially be the home page.  With a little bit of information about our school. (Important Messages, School Hours, Link to dress code, Link to driving directions, application download (when appropriate), etc.)

About This design:

I created this design with ease of updating first and forefront in mind.  Because the main page is static and the actual informaion loads in a frame, updates to the site can be easily accomplished.  Using a pre-formatted page, it's a matter of copy/paste or simple html construction and a link from the secondary menu.  The teachers could create web pages with homework assignments, project due dates etc.  The girls could even make web pages with Student Council info, you get the idea.

For example:  When the user clicks a menu item, <PTA TAB>, it will lead the user to a page with links to (1) Join the pta, (2) dad's club (3) fundraisers, etc.